Office Layout, Design & Project Management – Nagoya, JAPAN

Although quite small, managing this entire project was such an exciting opportunity. This is the new office layout & design project for a foreign capital IT Software Company: EdgeCAM K.K. in Central Japan.

This new office is owned by an English firm so the office space is larger than what is normally available, meaning improved space allocation as well as larger desks compared to the general office space in Japan. You can see the layout on my freehand sketch below – (Birdseye view):

Edge 1. perspective 1edit




The conceptual design is to use the company colour of navy blue together with their head office logo to show a strong connection to the office corporate identity.

EdgeCAM K.K. project complete:

Edge 2



I have converted my freehand sketch to a computer graphic 3D model which is the finalized plan with a possibility of a change in the furniture layout. You can see the relation between curbed wall and each space. Curved entrance wall welcomes customers and the kitchen space is located behind this wall. From here you can either go into the office space, waiting room or the entrance area so consideration was given to air circulation. Office area benefits from a large space which due to a flexible furniture layout can be re-organised at a later date :)

Edge 3.perspective 3.1air

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