We had a lovely “Salisbury Weekend” which was my birthday present from my husband during Easter long break.
We visited Salisbury Cathedral on Easter Sunday so a big Mass was given, which was a beautiful moment.

I instantly fell in love this stunning architecture with lovely music (hymns) so I kept murmuring how wonderful… so beautiful… ohhhh I LOVE it!!


Salisbury Cathedral 1


Salisbury Cathedral 2


Salisbury Cathedral 3


Salisbury Cathedral 4


We stayed in a hotel called THE RED LION, where is an absolutely stunning architecture too and is the oldest hotel in the UK.  The Red Lion hotel was originally lodgings constructed by the workers and craftsmen who built the nearby Salisbury Cathedral for their accommodation during their construction work. No wonder both building have distinctive character even though they used different materials, stone and timber. I can see the best quality of English craftsmanship, which still amazes people at the beautiful quality.

 Red Lion 2

Red Lion 1edit

Red Lion 4edit

Red Lion 6-7

Red Lion 0edit

posted on 05 May. 2014

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