Traditional Japanese Room – Aichi, JAPAN

This is a pure Japanese-style residential and exhibit space by Yokon House for whom I worked on a project in Central Japan. A big feature is the versatile Japanese-style drawing room, where you can gather family and relatives and entertain guests, with the added advantage of being able to use for hobby space.

Japanese-style rooms are made using natural materials such as timber columns and beams with sliding doors with paper (Shoji & Fusuma). In general this gives the impression of a less brighter interior compared to a white painted western style room, however once the sliding doors (shoji) between the veranda and a Japanese-style room are opened you can get a lot of daylight.

The fragrance of the tatami floors and cypress material has the same effect as a forest setting, which relaxes visitors and residents alike.

Alcove (Tokonoma) was created as a place to decorate and hang scroll paintings and display flower arrangements. These decorations compliment the seasons and awaken the senses during daily life.

In addition, I displayed hanging scrolls of pine, bamboo and plum mirroring the spring season and added tea sets for hospitality ^^

Japanese room

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