Goddess of Rainbow

MArch D – Zone 5 Studio Project at Oxford Brookes University : Second Semester

The Goddess of Rainbow is Ibiza’s new symbolic tower/statue inspired by Ibiza’s goddess of the Moon, Tanit, who gifts visitors with spiritual & rejuvenation powers. However, she is located in a hidden cave…. this made me re-imagine her under the open sky creating rainbow showers for the sake of people who need her help and for the sake of herself who wants to see the god of the Sun.

The Goddess of Rainbow is a new type of desalination plant with both organic and graphene – based methodologies. It is associated with fun water activities in a reflection & refraction environment, an idea inherited from my first semester’s work “Amusement tower with liquid architecture”, a water fun-park structure together with rainbow reflections.

The Goddess of Rainbow helps address Ibiza’s water crisis where a lack of drinking water and water for agricultural use are urgent issues. Ejecting water into the sky in the most irrigated land area helps solve local agricultural problems as well as creating rainbow effects enhancing the well-being of the viewers.

It aims to encourage social interaction in Ibiza by providing a symbolic venue for music concerts, festivals such as Gay Pride and much more.


This is the video I submitted for my RIBA Part 2 exam along with my first & second semester’s portfolio





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