Dearest my friend’s wedding in Malaysia

My best friend from Oxford, Alynn san’s wedding in Malaysia was such a beautiful, emotional and totally fun moment.
It was my first ever experience of Malaysian wedding and came with many other “first time” things to do as well.
For me I felt nothing less than honoured to be selected as the best friend from the UK by performing tradicional rôle in the evening ceremony and being one of her bridesmaids in the lake garden reception.
I also made three hand bouquets for Alynn san for three different ceremonies and I felt proud and relieved that all went perfectly! (≧∇≦)
I would like to say thank you to you Alynn san and your kind family for sharing your lovely moment and experience with me. I am very thankful for everything. Xxx

I would like to share a little bit of my lovely memories :D


Venue – a traditional & beautiful Malay building :)



Alynn san in her wedding dress, so cantik (beautiful/ pretty in Malay :)



First hand bouquet I made for her :)



A bouquet was colour co-ordinated with their colour scheme :)



Cheers with her handsome hubby, Shafiz san.

I am in the traditional Malay dress, baju kurung!



Alynn san with gorgeous evening dress with her tropical & colourful hand bouquet, & me looks like Malay lady :)



Cheers at the evening ceremony :)



Bouquet tosses.

Alynn san & Shafiz san did bouquet tosses together. It was so comel (cute in Malay :)



One of her brides made, Tina san caught it!

We are looking forward to Tina san’s wedding soon then!



This is Alynn san’s dressing mirror in her bed room at that time.

She kept 3 hand bouquets I made for her for a while after the wedding and gave me lovely message below…. It has been so sweet!


“さよならかおるさん‼ Thank you for coming all the way from UK and being here with us on our special wedding occasions. Loved each and one of the 3 hand bouquets that you made and professionally arranged! Hope you enjoyed your stay and first experience of a Malay :) Take care and see you when we see you!”



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  1. Simran Ahuja says:

    Wedding becomes so special with a perfect match of flowers. The happiness and joy of wedding is reflected through flowers. I just loved the way roses are combined on hand bouquet. Amazing combination .. !!!

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