Stunning Japanese Garden – Chelsea Flower Show 2014

I was so excited to visit the Chelsea Flower Show this year, especially to see Mr. Ishihara's Garden called "Togenkyo", which won the Gold Medal and the best Artisan Garden Prize at the show. Luckily, Mr. Ishihara was in front of his garden when I visited and I was very excited to say "Congratulations" to him! Ha ha, he was friendly and kindly took a picture with me :) As a Japanese living in the UK, this beautiful Artisan [.....]


We had a lovely "Salisbury Weekend" which was my birthday present from my husband during Easter long break. We visited Salisbury Cathedral on Easter Sunday so a big Mass was given, which was a beautiful moment. I instantly fell in love this stunning architecture with lovely music (hymns) so I kept murmuring how wonderful... so beautiful... ohhhh I LOVE it!! * * * * * We stayed in a hotel called THE RED LION, [.....]

SAKURA (Cherry Blossoms) Season in JAPAN! :D

Sakura (Cherry-blossom) viewing is well known for our traditional custom in Japan.  So anywhere when I saw Sakura I feel excited and a fresh season of spring coming, SO HAPPY! These pictures are from our holiday in March, we could not see much Sakura in Tokyo but we finally saw them in “SAKURA no SATO” in Izu ...  so beautiful!  My husband was more interested in Wasabi products so while he enjoyed Wasabi ice cream, I [.....]